Welcome to Bits, Bytes & Bots serving Memphis, TN

We are dedicated to making sure your children have a fun, memorable learning experience. We serve private schools in Memphis, as well as Shelby and Fayette Counties with our after school programs. We are the leading provider of technology classes for home school groups. Our summer camp programs are held at many locations in both Memphis and throughout Shelby County. Please click the links to the left to find the program that is right for your child!

About the owners:

David & Vesna Hirschfeld

David Hirschfeld

In the summer of 2006 Vesna and David Hirschfeld moved from Miami to Memphis. Being full of energy they looked for something to do that was innovative, inspiring and fun in a way that served the community. Opening Bits, Bytes & Bots in Memphis was a really great decision. Working with children is refreshing. Nothing can make us more proud and happy as to see a child learning and creating on their own.

“ We are proud to offer such high quality programs which integrates technology concepts with academic skills and a lot of fun.” says David. Our teachers are inspiring people who are passionate about teaching computers. With their knowledge and care they inspire our students to develop a love for learning. Our creative and personal way of teaching is our trademark.

Our summer camp time is always full of fantastic classes and activities that kids never have enough. We are an excellent resource for school districts, home school groups, birthday parties, youth groups and any child who likes to have fun.

Prior to acquiring, Bits, Bytes and Bots, David spent many years working with children and teenagers as a counselor and coach with many different organizations. His work and community recognition for his work reflect his commitment and passion for helping children develop their creativity and critical thinking to their full potential. David education includes a Bachelors of Arts degree, a Master of Science degree, and a Master of Social Work degree.

Vesna has always been interested in children’s education. Vesna’s experience includes working as a librarian and calligraphy teacher for several years. Dedication and knowledge is the key ingredient according to Vesna. “Only with dedication and knowledge can we create a childrens place where the boundry between learning and play are inexistent. This creates a desire that the lesson never ends and makes for a really fun time.”

Vesna Hirschfeld