After School Classes and Summer Camp topics

LEGO® Mindstorms® NXT Robotics Engineering

(for students age 8 and older) Students learn to program the amazing LEGO® Mindstorms® NXT robots and use their new skills to meet challenges such as using sensors to navigate through terrain or battling an opponent at Robot Sumo.

Lego Movie Magic

(for students age 7 and older) Using Lego figures with iPads students will be able to easily create awesome stop motion animated movies with titles, credits, and sound effects. All supplies are provided but students are welcome to bring to class their own Lego mini-figures or action figures. At the end of class the movies that they made will be put on a CD.

Video Game Creation

(for students age 8 and older) Students learn how to create their own PC computer games using game creation software to program sprites, objects, events, health, lives, and high score tables. Students take home their game and the resources on a CD at the end of class.

Minecraft® Machines

(Ages 8-14)  Take your Minecrafting to the next level through engineering! This course introduces students to the power of Redstone, the foundation of all advanced technology in Minecraft®. Using motors, pistons, switches and diodes, students build an exciting variety of useful devices, including Cobblestone generators, farming machines, devious traps, and powerful TNT cannons. Students take their virtual creations home on CDs (for Mac and PC only) at the end of class. Ideal for students with basic Minecraft® experience, but new players are welcome.